With COVID-19 cases phasing out, the impact it’s left on American schools will remain forever, especially as classes transition back to in person learning. To aid in this transition, the U.S. Government recently passed The American Rescue Plan (ARP) to provide educators with resources needed to ensure their classrooms are ready for the post COVID world.

The ARP is additional funding offered under The CARES and CRRSA Acts passed in 2020, which all together create The Education Stabilization Fund (ESF). The assistance offered by the ESF in total amounts to over $190 billion for elementary and secondary schools (ESSER) and over $76 billion for higher education institutions (HEER). The ESF represents a generational opportunity for educators to make strategic and sustainable investments that address systemic inequalities and encourage creative innovation that transforms teaching and learning.

The challenge now is using these funds to create a post COVID classroom that accomplishes the goals the ESF was created for, and deciphering what that looks like for every individual classroom. CCS recognizes this challenge and wants to help you create a modern, collaborative, and adaptable space that is tailored to your classroom’s unique needs. We will work with you to create a plan that responds to your immediate needs, creates a stable learning space, and helps you invest in your school’s future.

Visit the links below to learn more about the Education funding available:

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