Audio and video are an important part of businesses these days. Most restaurants use digital signage to catch the interest of customers and show off their latest promotions in style. The displays in the lobby could be showing the local news or other tailored content that’s appropriate for everyone present. Advertisements from competing businesses can be eliminated by showing only the content the business owner pays for. All of this is possible with Audio/Video Over IP. Unlike using older standards such as local television services, business owners can pay for a packaged deal from their AV over IP service provider for their own content.

New Technology Means New Solutions

Not long ago, business owners would have to pay for an entire package from their local cable provider to show the latest games and shows. The average business owner was paying thousands of dollars in fees thanks to licensed content and hidden fees. Content streaming is a much more cost effective way to handle entertainment in a business. By using networked AV, business owners can replace all the cables behind their displays with a wireless node or appliance. Digital video content can be streamed over the network either from a computer or from a larger appliance that holds the video content. With the right appliances, 4K sixty frames per second video content can be shared instantly to any screen on the network.

Manufacturer’s such as Kramer Electronics offer incredibly powerful appliances that allow video and audio sharing from anywhere in the world. Content can be uploaded to the cloud and instantly shared with any display or appliance on the network. Appliances are getting smaller yet more powerful. Instant compression and streaming even make it possible to share high-resolution video over wireless networks with limited bandwidth.

Flexibility and Power All in One

Service providers such as CCS Presentation Systems are happy to help business owners enrich their locations with multimedia and advanced AV networking. There are no limits to how these videos can be used. Employees can be trained and shown exactly how to perform their job. Customers can watch their favorite meal come together in style on a digital display menu. Entertainment can be played at each table either from a streaming service or from a list on videos stored on site. There are numerous ways to create a multimedia rich location.

Flexibility is what makes AV over the network such a great option. Business owners don’t need to invest in expensive server boxes, having a new network installed, or even replace any of their displays or TV sets. Switching every display in the location is just a matter of installing a video node or video appliance. These devices come together easily, work great in high-resolution, and they also work wirelessly. All those messy cables that cluttered up the store can be removed. Business owners can talk to their local CCS Presentation Systems office for help or to schedule a consultation to find out just what kind of amazing AV applications are available now.

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