Multi-Monitor Video Walls for a Big Bold Statement

video wall

While flat screens are delighting us with the latest technology features, video walls seem to be emerging as a winner. It has an excellent way of communicating through a seamless image, perfect color collaboration, size, and control. You will find these multi-monitor display setups in public venues like the stadium, airport, business centers, conference halls, hospitals, schools, etc.

They are great for a customized layout as it gives you much flexibility in getting the design you want.

With a bit of extra effort, it can cover installation complex areas like a long, thin or curved wall which is unlikely possible for a single large screen to withstand. A tiled LCD video display would make a great low-cost deal, giving you that excellent optical view.

How Effective is a Video wall?

For a short distance view, you can choose the large LCD single screen. However, a video wall is ideal for a farther distance of the content from the viewers as it has unique design flexibility, perfect color adjustment, smooth and seamless picture.

You can have a single picture display across multiple screens or several image displays at the same time. This unique technology enhances the level of flexibility, creativity, and control of the technology and acts as a support. It is important to have a room lit with enough light.

They are usually vertical or horizontal rectangles in shape while you can also highlight your creative design presentations with the different configuration screens set up. Some creative installations include rounded and random geometric pattern walls.

LED video displays are getting bigger and better by day, with ultra-high resolution creating striking images. It is capable of some beautiful effects with creative applications. What makes this system unique is that each display can be independently controlled so that you can produce an excellent image.

This fantastic technology has become a favorite choice for museums, galleries, sports arena, business, theatres, etc. It helps them to communicate with its audience and customers more creatively and effectively. Museums can exhibit their collections or accessories with the dramatic display technology which will have that extraordinary impact on onlookers. Travelers also can ease the stress of tracking their travel schedules with this highly advanced resolution display.

Besides its vibrant and vivid color, this spectacular technology display screen can also be used in direct sunlight, unlike the traditional projection displays.
The alignments are smooth with very thin to zero bezels creating a streamlined look.

Which Video Wall is the Best for You?

There are three basic types of a video wall, which usually some of us are not aware of while purchasing.

  • Panel Based: For a cost-effective deal, you can choose the Panel Based which appears in the form of a flat screen, consisting of thin bezels or boundaries.
  • Cube Based: You could also pick the Cube Based where a small projector lies behind the display panel giving a remarkable quality result.
    This one gives you a zero-bezel (which is 0.1mm in size), making your view exciting along with other advanced features.
  • Projection Based Seamless Displays: Another type, a reasonable deal you can strike with is the Projection Based Seamless Displays. You will need to install several projectors and it will give you an ultra seamless view.
    These display screens can even extend to 50 feet wide, and you can also use them as curved screens.

Summing Up

What’s not to love about this stunning technology? It delivers your message by acting as the best platform and also showcasing your work or brand in style. The control system is easy to set up, helping you optimize your communication and keeping your customers actively interested in your creativity and marketing.

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