In partnership with Epson, Uno, and CCS New England, the BHS Student Council is proud to announce this fundraiser. Between March 2 and April 17, you can present this flyer at Uno’s Pizza in the Burlington Mall, and 20% of your order’s profit will contribute to Burlington High School’s fund in this contest. Make sure you show the BHS-specific ticket when paying. These tickets are valid at the restaurant, take-out, bar, and delivery!

What is the contest, you ask? Well, Every school in the Burlington district is competing to see who can generate the most funding. On April 17th, the school that has the most total profit from Uno’s will receive a brand new Epson projector. This projector, priced at around $4,000, is a monumental step in the world of educational technology, and the school winning this contest will surely put this to use in Burlington’s technology-friendly education environment.
There are flyers being handed out, however, this digital flyer can be present an infinite amount of times, by any person who orders Uno’s. So, if you are heading to Uno’s or getting delivery, you can print this out, or, better yet, save some trees and bookmark this page. You can present this flyer to the cashier directly on your smartphone!

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