What is the perfect home theater like? People across America are investing more time and money into creating the perfect home theater in their residences. There are whole renovating companies dedicated to building home theaters for their customers. Electronics companies offer “home theater” packages at many price levels. The description of the perfect home theater is different from person to person. For the home theater enthusiast with the budget for it, the Digital Cinema Projector is an important feature of the perfect home theater.

Digital Cinema Projectors

Though to many people a wide screen TV represents a home theater, those wanting the perfect home movie viewing experience are purchasing a Digital Cinema Projector with coordinating viewing screens and speakers. When a person spends the time and money to create a home theater in a dedicated room, they want the best equipment they can afford. Some of the best projectors are manufactured and distributed by CCS Presentation Systems. The NEC projectors they distribute are of high quality and easy to use. These digital projectors are capable of full 2k 3D resolution. The projector must be sized correctly for the smaller home theater as opposed to larger commercial theaters. The NEC line of projectors includes both commercial and home use projectors.

One projector that has been very popular is the NC1000C projector. This model is smaller in size but big in performance. This projector is compatible with available screens and speakers to form a whole movie projection system to make a perfect home theater. This Digital Cinema Projector is specifically designed for home theaters with smaller screens of up to 34 ft / 10.3m in size. This DLP cinema projector gives the owner an enhanced theater experience with great images and sound when paired with the correct screen and speakers. It boasts compact S2K chips from Texas Instruments. It can be installed in a small booth or even transported to use in mobile applications. This projector also offers 3D capabilities and 3-chip DMD reflection methods. The customer gets features such as a dual lamp system to avoid black screen areas, buttons for selection of eight projector configurations, and auto lamp brightness controls.

This projector model has lens adjustment functions including motorized focus, zoom, vertical and horizontal shift, lens memory, light shutter, and more. It has an all in one integrated Media Server or IMS with lots of storage and versatile connectivity. This projector’s design reduces the number of added devices that are needed. There are many technologies and features that make this projector one of the best for home theater use.

There are many other models of projectors available from NEC and other companies. Nec also offers the Digital Cinema Laser Projector, the Digital Cinema Laser/Phospher Projector, bundles with both projectors, and many related accessories. The homeowner interested in creating their perfect home theater or movie projection room would be wise to research several brands and models of digital projectors, screens, and speakers, before they purchase. The websites and brick and mortar electronics stores often have experts to help homeowners choose the correct products for their idea of the perfect home theater.

The Home Theater Room

Once the homeowner has chosen the equipment they want, they must create the setting to install and enjoy the equipment in. The lucky homeowners who can dedicate a separate room to the home theater experience can create a mini-theater that looks like a smaller version of a high-quality commercial movie theater. The room can be rewired for the electrical needs of the projection equipment and speakers. The room can be soundproofed so no distractions mar the movie viewing experience. The walls can be painted dark colors and velvet drapes can cover the windows. Movie posters can decorate the walls and a popcorn machine can provide treats for realistic movie viewing. For more information, contact us at CCS Mid Atlantic today.

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