Good news from our partner Crestron, which recently started shipping its next generation CP3 3-Series Control System®. For users of Crestron’s audio-visual control systems, the new CP3 series features faster processing speeds, more memory, high-efficiency multitasking capabilities, external storage options, built-in BACnet support, and enhanced IP security.

CP3 delivers exponential increases in control system performance for the largest commercial facilities, making it an essential component to any integrated building technology environment. It’s a substantially faster series that simplifies the design, integration, and control of AV, lighting control, HVAC, energy management, BMS and other connected systems. The new system can be used with connected systems in:


  • commercial buildings
  • hotels
  • universities
  • casinos
  • command centers
  • schools
  • and multi-campus environments.

Crestron calls its CP3 “the future of networked building control, taking integrated building technology to a powerful new level of control functionality.”

The company emphasizes how it utilizes faster processors (10 X faster) than its previous Series 2 processors. CP3 enables real-time multi-tasking to flawlessly run up to 10 independent programs simultaneously. IT-like programming architecture enables integrators to perform system maintenance and expansion in ways not previously possible.

Upgrades can be performed on any individual subsystem – such as AV, lighting control, HVAC, security systems and climate control – without affecting the entire system. Since each control program is independent, a restart of one program has no effect on the others. The result is improved system architecture and virtually no downtime.

If you’d like more information on Crestron’s new CP3 Series control system, contact us at CCS Presentation Systems. Our CCS team is comprised of top industry and control systems personnel, many having 20-30 years experience in the audio-visual solutions field. We successfully design and complete a variety of project types such as conference rooms, executive board rooms, training centers, classrooms, auditoriums, hotels, and casinos. Use CCS as your one-source solution for all of the Audio Visual requirements involved in a project.

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