Physical marketing is a completely different game since the use of digital signage and screens has become popular. Instead of using small signs and other static media, restaurant owners can offer a unique experience and draw in huge crowds during special events. More importantly, they can control how products are marketed in the store. Restaurant Menus and other areas in the store can be completely transformed into a delivery platform for direct marketing to hungry customers looking for something delicious to eat.

Special events are a great way to attract huge numbers of customers. The Super Bowl is one event that everyone can agree is major. Every year, tickets sell out and advertising time on the channels that show it are at a premium. Using this kind of event can draw in hundreds of extra customers on the night of the event. Sports Bar Screens can provide a great place to see the game and spend time with friends having a few drinks.

Tabletop entertainment is a great way to keep customers where they are. Any experienced restaurant owner knows that making that extra sale can depend on how long a customer sits. Providing tablets or other screens at the table for playing movies or games. This entertainment will be perfect for couples enjoying a meal together or a family sitting down for a night out.

Waiting areas don’t have to be boring. Commercial Audio Video Integration can feed video to any area in the store. Even during peak hours, wait times will only feel like a few minutes. Some customers might not even be ready to take their table with the right entertainment.

Digital signage inside the store can be the perfect way to introduce new items and deals. Direct marketing can catch the eye of hungry customers and boost sales for new products. Menu boards can include media alongside the list of items to help customers choose exactly what they want. Signs in the store can be replaced as well. Smaller signs can be used to playback for short videos and audio.

Making all this come together is no small task. Cable providers can offer solutions for a few screens, but when a sports bar is full of screens a much more powerful solution is needed. A complex video matrix requires switches to feed video and scale it to the screens. Not only does the video have to reach many screens, it also needs to be in high resolution. Providers such as CCS Presentation Systems offer all the hardware needed to switch huge amounts of video data and network all of it together.

Digital Signage & Displays are a great investment for restaurants and sports bars. These displays provide a great return on investment. A big event on TV will draw huge crowds in the doors and boost sales dramatically. With the number of major events each year, it shouldn’t be long until the cost of the screens and scaling solution are absorbed by the company. Restaurant owners should call their local service provider right away for help finding the perfect solution for their dining area.

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