These days it takes more than good food at fair prices to bring customers to a restaurant. After all, anyone can look up a great recipe online and make a meal at home. Even better, after making a meal at home everyone can sit down and enjoy a movie or sports event. To make the idea of going out to eat more appealing, restaurant owners need to be able to offer more.

Event Promotions

Big television events are known to draw big crowds. The premiere of a season finale of a highly rated show will shoot the price of advertising time considerably. Experts know that major events are marketable. Restaurants can take advantage of this with Sports Bar Screens and other digital signage. By paying for a screening of The Super Bowl, restaurants can draw huge crowds in for drinks and short order food items. Depending on the night the event falls on, the business could double or even triple their typical sales.

Menus and Signs

Restaurant Menus are another place where digital screens can be used. Not only can items be updated in real-time, media can be played in the background to directly market new items and specials. This is perfect for hungry customers who aren’t sure what they want. By playing a video of an item being prepared right next to its listing on the menu, customers will be enticed into purchasing a more expensive item.

Audio Video Networking

Bringing all these screens together and networking them isn’t as simple as running a few cables. Different sizes of screens may be used throughout the store, making it necessary to scale video data up or down. Larger screens need more video data in order to display movies and events in high resolution. Commercial Audio Video Integration requires special networking hardware and video encoding appliances to make everything work together and look great. Restaurant and sports bar owners can find everything they need with help from CCS Presentation Systems.


Digital Signage & Displays aren’t just for the front of the house. Cooks in the kitchen can use video solutions to supply information about orders and provide feedback if they have any questions. With the right solution, it may be possible to pull up information about items on the screen from the internet or from a local database. With the press of a finger, it could be possible to pull up a recipe or check and see if all the ingredients needed for the item are on hand.

Digital screens can be added in several areas of the store to provide entertainment and make the jobs of employees easier. Effective video networking can help business owners make money with promotional events and by improving effectiveness in typical operations. Adding screens in less expected areas will help improve customer experience and make less desirable parts of going out a little better. For more information about the possibilities of a well-designed video networking solution, business owners should contact us at CCS for a consultation.

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