Benefits Of Interactive Whiteboards

interactive whiteboard

With courses becoming more complex and student’s attention span becoming shorter, making the most of each session with students can no longer be taken for granted. With an interactive whiteboard, classes can be made more fun for the students and complex concepts explain with ease.

An interactive whiteboard allows you to project an image and interact with it as much as you can. The image can be dragged, enlarged, written on and even printed.

Of course, it goes beyond interaction with images; it can be connected with your pc and used as a projector. You can write on it and save these for later reference. PowerPoint presentations and lots of other resources are available to make each session better than the previous.

Benefits Of An Interactive Whiteboard

Makes Revision Of Previous Lessons More Convenient

One of the most important features of an interactive whiteboard you’ll always find handy is its ability to store everything you write on it.

This feature will not only help your student concentrate more on your tutorials knowing fully well they will be able to write everything once they get the concepts being taught but will also give you a chance to run over everything again without putting in all the work of erasing and writing everything again from scratch as typical with chalk or ordinary whiteboard.

With an interactive whiteboard, you get the chance to review your lessons as it was. To find your mistakes and make the necessary changes.

Increases Engagement Between Teachers And Students

Class engagement is key to academic success, and nothing beats an interactive whiteboard when it comes to promoting class engagement with every activity in the classroom.

For instance, when teaching vocabulary, the teacher can make use of the audio feature of the board to help student learn how to pronounce a particular word while projecting it on the board.

Video footages can also be used to explain tougher concepts as well as to stimulate the student’s mind to think beyond their immediate environment. Visual learning is one of the best ways of helping students remember what they have been taught and the whiteboard makes this task easier for the teachers by providing them with a convenient way to add images and video footages of high definition to make learning less demanding for the students.

Saves On Teaching Cost

Recurring costs are a pain in the neck for almost any organizations. The educational program is no different and has its recurring costs, which might be from day to day to every other week.

With an interactive whiteboard, you save on most of the recurring costs that come with traditional boards such as chalks, board markers, erasers, and board paints.

Makes Learning Comfortable For Everyone

Today, the number of special students in school are more than any teacher will like to teach comfortably.

Teaching a class with various special students becomes more comfortable with a smartboard. An interactive whiteboard caters to the needs of every student all at the same time. The audio for the visually impaired and high definition images and video footages for the sound impaired special students at no extra cost or materials.

Provides Access To Online Resource And Tools

SmartBoard opens the gate to a whole new world of information and tools to make the class more interactive and engaging. With most classes today having access to the internet, teachers can make the most of it for the students by providing instant access to multiple examples and theories.

In as much as the whiteboard will not make a poor teacher good overnight, it’ll sure make a good teacher better and each class time more interactive and impact-full for the students.

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