5 Reasons Why Students Learn Better with Classroom Projector

Getting students to focus their attention can be quite a challenge in this age of technological overload. Between smartphones, iPads, laptops, the internet, TV, DVRs, social media and much more, it’s no wonder an individual has an attention span of just 3-5 minutes per year of his age.

Traditional classroom lectures and demonstrations don’t work anymore. Increase their engagement and learning retention by incorporating a classroom projector.
Have a look at 5 of the biggest educational benefits you’ll achieve by using classroom projectors:

1. It’s Easier to Take Notes

classroom projector

It’s not an easy task for students to be able to listen and take notes simultaneously. By using an interactive projector to show information and presentations, you can digitally share the notes at the end of the class and assure your students that the broader note-taking task is covered so that they can concentrate on listening to what you have to say instead of getting themselves distracted with taking down notes.

It will also eliminate the problem of students writing down irrelevant or incorrect notes. Teachers can also upload the same information online so that anyone can access it if they lose their notes before an exam.

2. A Better Interactive Learning Experience

It’s easier to focus on something when you’re actively engaged in it. A classroom projector enables up to ten students to draw and interact in it at any one time so that they can increase their engagement through presentations and group projects.

It is also more likely for students to take their classroom participation seriously when they work together in front of the entire class. Watching videos together, viewing real-time information, and taking pop quizzes can all increase their engagement level.

3. Incorporate Games into Lessons

Simple and quick puzzle type games are quite popular in today’s social media technology. Teachers can take advantage of this and use on-screen math games and quiz tests at the end of a lesson.

Interactive projectors offer multi-touch features just like tablets and smartphones, which means you can have multiple students participate in a puzzle game together.

You have two options:

– Table-top projectors: Here you can let students sit around a table and take the quiz on the screen in front of them.
– Wall projectors: Here students will have to stand in front of the class to take the quiz.

4. Productively Spend Class Time

Teaching with old-school classroom whiteboards takes up a lot of time. The constant cycle of writing notes on the board and erasing it as the lesson progresses can be time-consuming.
The regular disruptions also cause students to lose their focus and start chatting, which again creates another problem for classroom management. With a classroom projector, teachers can now prepare their exercises and presentations in advance and also use them for different classrooms.

5. Multiple Teaching Mediums

The younger an individual is, the shorter the attention span. Teachers can help the students to focus longer and increase their learning capacity by breaking down the lessons into bite-size segments.

A classroom projector can make it easier for the teacher to switch between tasks by simply opening slideshows or switching tabs on the browser. Replace worksheets with interactive games, presentations, group activities, and sharing videos all in just one class session.

It’s also a lot easier to blend lessons using a projector. Teachers can easily demonstrate new concepts to the students by using the screen and enabling them to participate in small groups.

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